South Cape Ostrich Tanning (SCOT) is a member of the Mosstrich Group, which is a vertically integrated enterprise responsible for the processing and commercialization of ostriches on behalf of its 180 producers. Current production capacity allows SCOT to process 75 000 ostrich skins annually.

The second-largest ostrich tannery in the world, SCOT is situated in the picturesque town of Mossel Bay, in the Garden Route region of South Africa. We are also strategically situated halfway between two ports, namely Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.


Ostrich leather is recognised through its unique texture and tactility. Two types of leather are produced from ostriches, namely body skin and leg skin. The ostrich body leather is made up of quilled and smooth areas, quaintly known as the “valley and hill” grain pattern.

The distinct quills are formed at the site where the feather grew, and give ostrich its characteristic three dimensional look and feel. In the “valley” or smooth area between the quills, striations similar to those found on the palm of the hand, contribute to the special character of ostrich leather.

SCOT’s range of ostrich leather includes over 300 different colours, five grading categories and 24 unique finishes. This comprehensive range of finishes and colours allows us to effectively meet the uniquely varied requirements of our customers.

SCOT has a close relationship with a number of world’s top leather goods manufacturers and fashion houses whose inspiring designs are complimented and enhanced by ostrich leather. Leading stylists and designers realize the value of SCOT ostrich leather as it gives them the creative freedom to fulfil their most imaginative design