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SCOT, South Cape Ostrich Tanning, is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly exotic leather tanneries in the world. With over 400 colours and 24 types of unique finishes SCOT is a leading innovative ostrich leather tannery. Thus, SCOT can offer designers and manufactures a quality and distinctive product. A state-of-the art distribution system allows customers to order and receive skins quickly and efficiently. Contact us now to discuss your specific ostrich leather requirements, or simply Follow us on Facebook to see what we're up to.

South Cape Ostrich Tanning (SCOT), the second largest ostrich tannery in the world is situated in the picturesque town of Mossel Bay, in the Garden Route region of South Africa. Our strategic positioning half way between the Cape Town and Port Elizabeth ensures that we are able to deliver orders timeously.

Established in 1999 as part of the Mosstrich Group, SCOT soon became a key player in the ostrich leather market and in 2004 joined a handful of tanneries to have obtained ISO 14001 accreditation. Current production capacity allows us to process 75000 ostrich skins annually.

With the growth of our business we have expanded our supply in various countries globally. Currently we represented by local agents in Central- and North America, Europe and Asia. SCOT can ship worldwide.

We pride ourselves in consistently offering quality ostrich leather suited to our each of our customers’ unique manufacturing purposes and ensure that our customers have easy access to local inventories.

Luxury designers continue to make fashion statements with exotic ostrich leather accessories. Recently our very own homegrown Oscar winning actress, Charlize Theron was seen carrying an ostrich leather tote bag designed by a well-known fashion brand. It is the fashion industry drives the demand for ostrich leather and its distinctively beautiful and sought-after accessories. In order to stay abreast of trends, we closely consult and co-operate with leading fashion houses worldwide on a regular basis. This enables us to produce and develop a wide range of colours and finishes to meet the demands of our dynamic market. Skins are available in five grades be applied in a multitude of different ways to produce a variety of finished goods. Our on-going commitment to offering a consistent quality product is what has earned us our reputation in the fashion world.

If you wish to place an order, our user-friendly online ordering system makes it quick and easy to do from anywhere in the world, any time of the day, every day. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your ostrich skin requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.